How’s the Josh?

During teenage, the best bedtime story book used to be the textbook. It had an uncanny ability to put you to sleep within 15 minutes of reading.

The textbook also created meditative tendencies in me, I could read a single sentence for minutes on end and still comprehend nothing! So profound isn’t it?

The textbook especially during exams fine-tuned your senses. A tune being played at low volume and at a distance could be heard distinctly with its lyrics and nuances. The same applied to other sense organs too which worked in a perfect way but disjoined from each other.

Presuming that learning is the outcome of education, I have always wondered if I am not able to recall something that I have studied an entire year, have I really understood it?

And if I have not, how would a short-term memory conditioning, of cramming for a week or so, help me understand the topic any better.

And, what is the point of examinations, if it does not check how well I have understood the topic?

Well, these are not very good thoughts at when the examinations are just around the corner. While the govt and policymakers are at the perennial task of revamping the education system, I have some tips for my dear students.

To begin with, try and be excited about what you are studying.

Tough call?

Trust me it works! Now, how can one be excited about a Periodic Table, Laws of Motion, Digestive system, Mansabdari System, etc …..oh! the long list!

Well, the good news is you can.

Set your topic to music. You could set the derivation, the points to remember, etc to your favourite song and sing it on Karaoke. Sing it loud, in your room, in the shower, on the roof…..anywhere. Make a nuisance of yourself. You have every right to! After all, it is EXAM TIME.  If you are the energetic kinds, stand up and dance to it.

Make a peer exam group and divide the tough topics among yourselves and do a flash mob dance ……. Why not? When the world makes so much about your exams, how about you making it memorable and special!